Time to Confess!!

Granted this is no my first blog nor my only one but I figured I wanted to do one that is a little different set up then the first one or my work blog that I am so far behind on. But what better way to start it then catching up on Strawberry Singh challenges. Some of the answers may be similar as in my first blog and others well they might be slightly different.

Guilty confessions


  1. More friends then I know who they are: I really need to start making notes or something in profiles because I see these people log in and out of my friends list and I have not a clue who they are. I feel terrible when they say; “hi how have you been? Remember me?” I sit there with a blank look on my face going uhmmm not a clue. I really need to cut back on how many I add. It drives me batty that when I am wanting time to myself I am getting mass tps or I need help ims. I don’t overly mind helping out but really I need my time too.
  2. Impulse buying:I am forever impulse buying I am sure so many creators love when I walk in the store. If I have ducked out of work for a few mins I never take the time to grab a demo and just buy the outfit if it looks good on the picture. Most of the outfits sit in my inventory and never get worn. Sooner or later I will have to go through that mess I call a clothing folder and try to see if anything is worth keeping that I haven’t tried yet.
  3. Biggest profile perv:What can I say it does get boring at work during the day I mean I should be doing something productive like organizing that mess of a inventory I have or catching up on some old paper work. No instead I tend to perv some peoples profiles. I even sit here and look up old friends from my first account to see if they are still around but yet I never im them and say hey.
  4. House hoarding:Okay anyone who knows me very well knows that I have a huge collection of houses in my inventory. Most I will rez for a week or two and get bored of it and have to take it down. Others like my current home well I have had it for a while. But that hasn’t stopped me from buying any for down the road. I mean it hasn’t been as easy to change houses now that I am in a new relationship. So we try to find a mutual house that we both like. He loves modern, and I love the old farm house look. But we both agreed to a cabin that we use now. Lets see how long it last.
  5. Going AFK with out warning:I have such a demanding family to quote my co workers and at times they drag me away from the computer. That or I get up to get a drink or something and get distracted by other things. For some reason I don’t think to say anything to anyone. I have numerous times been talking to someone and just walked away from the computer and let them ramble on. Most of the time they don’t notice I even left.